When you end up in an online cazino you will soon see that a large part consists of all kinds of video slots, video slots are the modern variant of the original slots. But if you prefer to play on an old-fashioned slot machine, you can always do that, for this you should look in the “Classic Slots” section, there you will encounter slot machines as you still encounter them in a snack bar or cafe. The technology for online video slots has expanded enormously in recent years, which you will soon see in the quality of the games. When you compare the original slots with the modern video slots, you will immediately see that the appearance of the video slots look much nicer, and that there are many options. This is also the reason why most people opt for a video slot instead of an original slot machine, because there are more bonus games, more paylines and in some cases even jackpots that can run into the millions!

Video slots usually have 3, 4 or 5 reels that start spinning when you click on the ‘spin’ button, on each reel there are a lot of images that can form a winning combination with other symbols. This win combination can be formed if other equivalent symbols also fall on a payline, you can always decide how many paylines you wish to use. The more paylines, the more expensive it is per spin, but the greater the chance of winning.

The basis of video slots is always and everywhere the same, there is a central spin button to spin the reels, there is also a button that automatically places the maximum bet so that all possible paylines are used. Or if you prefer to watch while the reels keep spinning, you can set the auto-spin to a certain number of spins. Then everything goes automatically and at the end of the automatic spins your winnings are credited to your account.

On the other pages here on the right you will find all kinds of game descriptions of various table games, etc., on this slots page you will not encounter this because video slots do not have certain game rules. There are only manuals available for it, you can hardly do anything wrong! Each game has a central base as you have read above, but the bonus games are always different. For more information about the slot machine in question, read the manual that comes with the game itself.

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