Blackjack is a very popular game of chance because it has the highest winning chance of all table games within the casino, it is also very popular because you as a player can influence the outcome, unlike games such as roulette. In blackjack, the player himself decides whether or not he/she takes a card to get as close to 21 as possible, the only game where the player can also influence the outcome is the game of craps.

When the game starts, all players receive 2 cards each, the dealer himself also receives 2 cards, but 1 of these is face down. The object of blackjack is to get to a total of 21 or lower, as long as the value of your own cards is higher than the dealer’s cards. When the outcome is that the player’s cards are higher than the dealer’s, the player receives double his bet. In the event of a tie, the bet remains, and in the event of a loss, it is taken by the dealer. After the first deal, the dealer asks each player if they want another card or rather to fold, the dealer always starts by asking the person who is most left. When everyone has had a turn, the dealer opens their face down card, then if this is lower than 17, the dealer will take another card until the total value exceeds 16. If the dealer exceeds 21, everyone who still has cards is paid out.

There are also some specific terms that you will encounter when playing blackjack:
Blackjack – When you receive an ace and a card with the value 10 on the first 2 cards, you have a ‘blackjack’. Then you immediately receive one and a half times your bet.
Double Down – If the total value of your first 2 cards is 9.10 or 11, you can double. This is possible by placing the same bet with your existing bet, then you will receive 1 more card. It is of course possible that this will only bring you to a total value of 13, but if you suddenly receive a card with a value of 10, for example, that is of course a nice bonus.

Split – This is possible if you have been dealt 2 cards with the same value, so for example 2 cards with a value of 10 (a jack and a king for example). In the event of a split, the same bet must be placed again, after which you receive another card for both cards. After this, the game continues according to the normal rules, so you also have the option to split again.
Insure – When the dealer is done dealing, it is visible which one of the dealer’s cards is, if this is an ace. the player has the option to insure himself. If the dealer now has blackjack, but you have insurance, you will not lose anything. If the dealer doesn’t have a blackjack, you also lose your insurance that you had to bet first. The insurance means half of your placed bet, we advise you not to take insurance with blackjack because it works to your disadvantage statically.

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